History of Tradelands

A former welcoming....

Hello and welcome to the page that will write the history of Tradelands! As you can guess this will be a joint effort between high ranks and history masters of Tradelands that know every single event. Along side these historical events will lie mythology (White Tide, Emerald Wave, etc.), rumours (WC higherups rigged Verd elections) and more (videos of events, listing of HRs of both factions, etc.)

The story so far...

Tradelands once started with Verdantine and Whitecrest with barely any politcal control. The very first trade agreement in Tradelands was with Verdantine and Burkeland on Freeport. The very first war was between Inyola and Whitecrest, with Whitecrest's first King, Holyswine, angering Inyo, triggering the war. Later, Notom ended the trade agreement between Verdantine and Whitecrest, leaving Whitecrest with nothing. The Burkeland conflict was when Whitecrest shot a Burkeland vessel, destroying relations. That is as far as you should know from this page specifically.


All information found on this site is either found on the official Tradelands subbreddit, is confirmed by Anvil Interactive officials that work with Tradelands (such as Matt "NearmissTFW" Fulton, or Joe "Superburke1" Burke), is found on the group "The World Court", or ingame.